Discover the Evolution barbershop

A new generation men’s salon that focuses on quality.

Our vision¹

At Evolution, the client’s experience is at the forefront of our business model. We truly believe that each client has the right to look and feel their best by receiving a tailored haircut that matches their style and needs.

The experience²

All our barbers are equipped to offer you an extraordinary experience: hair analysis, styling, precise hairstyle and adapted care.
Image of Angelo Andres Vega and Alex Giannioudis smiling in downtown Laval
Image of Alex Giannioudis shaving a model at the Evolution barbershop

Our barbers³

We select our barbers very carefully. We ensure that they have significant experience and that they share our vision of “quality over quantity”. We also hold regular internal workshops to ensure that the whole team is up to date with the latest hair trends.
Photo of barber Angelo Vega affiliated with the Evolution barbershop

Angelo Andres Vega

Founder, educator & barber

Angelo is a passionate and hard-working barber who allocates much of his time to the advancement of his skills. His perseverance and love for the industry is what pushes him to go above and beyond for his clients. It is certain Angelo’s service and haircuts will exceed all your expectations.

Photo of barber Alex Giannioudis affiliated with the Evolution barbershop

Alex Giannioudis

Founder, educator & barber

Alex is a meticulous barber whose perfectionism facilitates his ability to treat his clients’ hair as though it was his own. Quality of service and consistency are at the forefront of his work beliefs. This means that Alex is not satisfied unless his clients leave with an unforgettable experience and an outstanding haircut.

Photo of barber Alex Giannioudis affiliated with the Evolution barbershop

Ghassan Akl

Ghassan is always looking to perfect his mastery of the trade to better serve his clients. He pays a lot of attention to the close relationship he has with each of his clients.
Photo of barber Alex Giannioudis affiliated with the Evolution barbershop

Antonio Vega

Antonio is an ambitious and charismatic barber who pays extraordinary attention to detail. He wants each of his clients to leave the barbershop with a smile and a flawless haircut.
photo portrait de Kasra Safaevahid, barbier au salon évolution.

Kasra Safaevahid

Kasra is a barber who masters his art well. He is talented and dedicated to his career. The greatest gift he offers his clients is renewed self-confidence. His love and dedication to his profession is remarkable.