High precision barbershop in Laval

A men’s hair salon that knows how to stand out.

It’s more than a hair cut, it’s a revolution.


Join the revolution

At Evolution, the combination of our precise and detail-oriented grooming techniques along with our exceptional customer service allows our clients to leave with a memorable experience.


Male mannequin having been styled by the evolution barbershop




An high end¹ service inspired by the street culture² precision³


The founders

Once colleagues at the same barbershop, Alex and Angelo developed a friendship based on common interests and a love for their craft. After parting ways professionally, their friendship continued to flourish as they jointly improved their skills and furthered their education in the hair industry. Their passion for learning and teaching allows them to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques necessary to better serve their clients. Being experienced barbers, they both felt as though there was something unique missing from traditional men’s barbershops. For this reason, they joined forces and are now offering a memorable experience to the men who join the community at Evolution.
Image featuring the founders of the Evolution men's hair salon, Angelo Andres Vega and Alex Giannioudis in Laval


Frequently asked questions

How does the parking space look like?

At Evolution, there is parking available in the front as well as in the back of the shop. However, it may get a little crowded during rush hour.

How does Evolution barbershop handle cancellations?

In our company, we believe time is very important to best serve our clients so last minute cancellations or late arrivals can really affect the barber’s day. After 2 no shows, we will automatically delete the next appointment you schedule online, and you will only be able to get served as a walk-in.

What’s the minimum age to cut your hair at evolution?

The minimum age required to get a haircut is 4 years old.

What are Evolution’s payment methods?

We accept various payments such as cash, debit and credit.

What is the old-fashioned beard service?

The old-fashioned beard service enhances the regular beard trim by adding a hot towel and shaving cream treatment..

Is Evolution an appointment based salon only?

At Evolution, we highly recommend taking appointments in order to better serve you. We do accept walk-ins, but the waiting time may vary depending on the team’s availabilities.